Blogs I Love

Student Loan Planner – This is my primary business now. I help people save thousands of dollars on their student loans through low cost, flat-fee student loan consultations. If I don’t save you at least my fee, I won’t charge you anything. Just mention you saw this offer on Millennial Moola.

Mr. Money Mustache – This site literally inspired me to attempt early retirement. It’s full of useful info on saving, controlling costs, investing, living an interesting life, riding bikes, and more. If you enjoy Millennial Moola, you’ll really like Mr. Money Mustache too. The site also has an awesome forum full of really smart and interesting people.

Call Me Watson – Founded by my beautiful and intelligent girlfriend (full disclosure there’s a conflict of interest here people), CMW writes about diverse subjects like life as a medical resident, global public health, and travel. You’ll also notice the writing is significantly more sophisticated than my own, and there are few if any grammatical errors. You should definitely check it out.

Budgets Are Sexy– J Money is hilarious with his unique style of communicating money messages. You will always leave entertained and informed. He also has a blog Rockstar Finance that shares the best of personal finance articles out there on the web that he manages along with Cait Flanders.

Go Curry Cracker – Jeremy and Winnie of GCC have single-handedly made me want to go live in Asia for a couple years. They travel all over the world, with a newborn baby too. If you are a new or prospective parent and want to know how to retire early in style, this is a fantastic blog to read. It’s also great if you like looking at incredible food as they post pics of the most luxurious dinners you could ever buy for under $20.

Mad Fientist – FI stands for financial independence, so this site is a play on words. He has a ton of great calculators for free that you can use to figure out when you’ll be able to retire in addition to so much more. The Mad Fientist also has a cool podcast on money issues.

So Money! – I appeared on the So Money Show with Farnoosh Toorabi back in August and got to give a full length interview on the same show that’s hosted Tim Ferris and Mr. Money Mustache. Farnoosh has worked for a bunch of different top media outlets in her career and brings out a ton of interesting info with her varied guests. She also has a lot of fantastic material surrounding women and money, but her focus is much broader than that.

Financial Samurai – If you like numbers, you’ll love Financial Samurai. Sam, a former financier, decided to leave it all behind after being successful enough to blog for a living (it really doesn’t make much money people, I promise). He has detailed numbers on things like expected income by age, rental investment analysis, and more.

Enchumbao – Another great early retirement / financial independence blog. The Enchumbaos are getting close to their financial goal of walking away from the rat race, and they only have a few years to go. Their blog posts tend to be a little more practical and useful than mine, but what can I say, this is a financial infotainment site I hope you learn a few things though while you’re here 🙂

Wealthy Walnut-Millennial Moola’s irreverent, inaccurate, and ridiculous alter ego. If you ever want to see what a crappy site thought up after losing a bet looks like, this is it.

From Cents to Retirement – an international perspective on early retirement. Benjamin Davis is living in Germany and working towards financial independence. Since most FIRE (financial independence retiring early) blogs are of the American nature, I think this is an interesting take across the pond.