I Don’t Know When Bitcoin Will Crash, But I Know it Will

bitcoin will crash

Idk if you’ve been following the bitcoin market lately, but holy cow there’s a bubble going on there. I feel very confident in predicting it’s demise, unfortunately I just don’t know when that will occur. Here’s a few anecdotal experiences I’ve had in the past few weeks that make me almost positive Bitcoin’s days are numbered.

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The Economy is Starting to Worry Me

economy worries me
I’m worried there’s a fog shrouding the US economy

After the past several weeks, the economy worries me quite a lot. I read a story recently that auto loans have hit a new high, especially among subprime borrowers. We’re at $1.1 trillion in auto debt and counting. My student loan business also gives me a first hand look at the mounting but slow boiling student debt crisis. I believe we’re currently at $1.5 trillion in student debt in this country. To top it off, Snapchat just put out an IPO at a $24 billion valuation, and that seems like it’s too low since the price went from $17 a share to $24 a share in initial trading. Call me negative nancy, but the economy doesn’t feel good to me right now.  Continue reading “The Economy is Starting to Worry Me”

Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s IS HERE!

After over a year of work, I’ve finally finished my second book, Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s. Shortly after publishing my first work, 25 IS THE NEW 65, I realized I needed to work on something foundational for when friends have questions about money. There is a real dearth of books out there that address personal finance for twenty and thirty somethings while incorporating the present reality of the tech revolution.  Continue reading “Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s IS HERE!”

How to Handle Vicious Robocalls

vicious robocalls

I made a major mistake when I registered my site online. I’m extremely frugal as most of you who are frequent readers know. Unfortunately, that frugality sometimes manifests itself in being penny wise but pound foolish. If your personal information is ever publicly exposed on the world wide web, you will get vicious robocalls. Here’s what happened to me. Continue reading “How to Handle Vicious Robocalls”

Warren Buffett is the Greatest Tax Dodger of All Time

Warren Buffett is the greatest tax dodger of all timeWarren Buffett is one of the most brilliant investors of all time. I personally admire him, so when someone as nasty as Donald Trump attacks him as he did in the second presidential debate, I want to come to the defense of the Oracle of Omaha. After all, Trump loves to make outrageously inaccurate accusations. However, one charge Trump leveled in the debate Sunday actually holds some water. He accused Warren Buffett among others of dodging taxes just like he does. Buffett responded that he had paid taxes since 1944 when he was a young teenager. THE TRUTH: Warren Buffett is the greatest tax dodger of all time.  Continue reading “Warren Buffett is the Greatest Tax Dodger of All Time”

Why I Stopped Using Wells Fargo, FIVE YEARS AGO

i stopped using wells fargo
Shady picture of Wells Fargo branch, a perfect backdrop for the shady crap they just pulled with thousands of fraudulent account openings

In the personal finance blogger world, one way to make money is to accept payment to write a “sponsored post.” You give some blah generic advice about why saving is important and then you drop in a line with “and have you ever heard of this fantastic high yielding account with XYZ? Sign up today!” This is the opposite of a sponsored post in that Wells Fargo might have been willing to pay my money NOT TO WRITE IT. I stopped using Wells Fargo five years ago, and it’s looking like it was a great decision after their massive scandal is shaking wall street to the core. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Using Wells Fargo, FIVE YEARS AGO”

The Raiders Want to Scam Las Vegas Taxpayers Out of $750 Million

las vegas taxpayers
Mark Davis, owner of the Raiders on the left, and Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Casino Magnate, on the right. These billionaire beggars want $750 million of public money to line their own pockets. Source

Like most twenty something males, I love watching football. Ever since I graduated college, fantasy football has been a way for me to stay in touch with friends while making random NFL games more interesting. If watching the movie Concussion wasn’t enough to make me question my viewership of the NFL, what’s happening right now with the Oakland Raiders might be the last straw. The owner Mark Davis has partnered with casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to request the largest welfare check in history from Las Vegas taxpayers. In the words of their hired suit who negotiates for them with the city, “Not to be difficult, but we’re not negotiable. If we can’t get 750, we respectfully thank you but we’re going to move on.”    Continue reading “The Raiders Want to Scam Las Vegas Taxpayers Out of $750 Million”

The US Government Should Pay You to Play Pokemon Go

US government should pay you to play pokemon goA new study by the scientific journal The Lancet finds that laziness costs Americans $27.8 billion annually. The researchers wanted to focus on a few diseases only and isolate the costs coming directly from inactivity. That means the figure they found is likely way too small and conservative. In fact, health experts assert that 22 diseases in total link directly to sloth. Rather than expand health insurance coverage and Medicaid funding, perhaps it’s time to go down a different, more productive path. The US Government should pay you to play Pokemon Go. Continue reading “The US Government Should Pay You to Play Pokemon Go”

An Open Letter to Trent Richardson on His Financial Problems

trent richardsonI was born in Pensacola, FL in 1990. So was Alabama’s former star running back turned NFL player Trent Richardson. Stories are all over the internet about how his friends and family spent $1.6 million of his money over 10 months as his career fell apart this past year. While others lived high on his dime, he spent as little as $300 over two weeks.

I went to Pensacola High School, the arch-rival of Trent Richardson’s Escambia High School across town. When somebody has success from Pensacola, everybody gets excited. When they struggle, people in Pensacola love you anyway. In that spirit, as a fellow Pensacolian, I want to submit this open letter to Trent Richardson. I will show how he can secure his finances against the leeches who have been living large at his expense. Hopefully it will inspire others who are struggling with friends and family who believe that your money is their money. I’ll first describe Richardson’s career and financial situation for those unfamiliar with his story, followed by my letter. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Trent Richardson on His Financial Problems”

Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today

Republic Wireless

July 28 will go down as the day Republic Wireless changed the cell phone industry forever. Today, they have announced a slew of cutting edge Android phones, an expanded coverage map, and stellar new data plans that should render Verizon and AT&T extinct for all but iPhone users. After today’s announcement, I would not be surprised if at least half of Millennial Moola readers switch to Republic Wireless when you find out what this little company has accomplished.  Continue reading “Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today”