What I Learned From Spending $5000 on Facebook Ads

spending $5000 on facebook adsMy business Student Loan Planner has become my full time job. Millennial Moola is my fun side hustle where I get to share random thoughts about personal finance, entrepreneurship, money, and life with a community of friends and cool people. Since I launched my startup, my spending has soared along with my revenue. In the last few months, I’ve been spending $5,000 on Facebook ads.

Things were going great, and then Trump won the election and fake news on Facebook took a big part of the blame. All of a sudden, I got caught in the cross-hairs of an extremely harsh new algorithm from Facebook. Thankfully, my business survived it, but only because of my persistence fighting their automated system. I’m the poster child for why the crackdown on fake news has had a hugely negative effect for small business people like me. Continue reading “What I Learned From Spending $5000 on Facebook Ads”

Millennial Moola September 2016 Traffic and Income Report – $682

September 2016 traffic and income report

Exciting news y’all. September 2016 was the most successful month in Millennial Moola history. Can’t wait to share my September 2016 traffic and income report. You know I do this blog for the love of writing and teaching others about personal finance, so I’m not in it for the dollars and eyeballs on my stuff. That said, the more people who read my site and the more money I make, generally the more people value what I’m saying. So my total monthly pageviews for September was about 13,300, and my blog net income for the month was $682Continue reading “Millennial Moola September 2016 Traffic and Income Report – $682”