Reading List

Here is a suggested reading list that I think you will find useful. If you buy any of them through the links below, you help support the blog, so thank you!

reading listHamilton: by Ron Chernow

Perhaps the most culturally impactful historical biography ever written. I read this one during college before the smash hit musical. He single handedly built a stable currency and established our economic system.

reading listThe Millionaire Next Door: by Thomas J Stanley

Stanley left us treasure troves of research on the wealthy and how they got that way. This one completely changed my worldview and made me realize it’s not what you make, its what you keep and who you try to impress.

reading listYour Money or Your Life: by Vicki Robin

Perhaps the founding document of “mustachianism,” this book popularized the realization that when you work, you trade finite life energy for money. If you were at all unsatisfied in your career, you need to treat saving as an emergency.

reading listElements of Investing: by Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis

The best short book on investing I’ve ever seen. This is an amazing ~100 page summary of how to start investing in index funds and building wealth. It would probably take a couple hours to finish and is very accessible to non-financial people.

reading listZero to One: by Peter Thiel

Amazing look into the world of tech startups and venture funding for the uninitiated. Thiel shows why a founder who hates suits and wears a hoodie is a key recipe for his investing successes. In fact, tech CEOs who wear suits are more likely to be Solyndra type trough feeders than creative geniuses.

Stocks For the Long Run: by Jeremy Siegel

This shows everything you would ever want to know about long term performance for various asset classes. It makes a compelling case why stocks beat bonds, cash, personal homes, and almost anything else over a decades long time horizon. My favorite chart from this book looks at what would have happened if you put $1 in the early 1800s in various asset classes such as gold, T-bills, bonds, stocks, and cash. The final value for the all stock portfolio was thousands of times larger than gold.

The White Coat Investor: by James Dahle

This book is a must read if you are going to be an MD. Written by the founder of the blog by the same name, this book goes into exhaustive detail on everything a medical professional should know about personal finance. It’s written by an MD as well.