How to Handle Vicious Robocalls

vicious robocalls

I made a major mistake when I registered my site online. I’m extremely frugal as most of you who are frequent readers know. Unfortunately, that frugality sometimes manifests itself in being penny wise but pound foolish. If your personal information is ever publicly exposed on the world wide web, you will get vicious robocalls. Here’s what happened to me. Continue reading “How to Handle Vicious Robocalls”

How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes

build a blog in 10 minutes
Check out, a new website my girlfriend and I built in 10 minutes this weekend

It’s never been easier or cheaper in history for an average person to build a blog in 10 minutes. You can turn a blog into a business with virtually no overhead. The hosting company I used to start Millennial Moola is offering a flash sale that lasts for only a couple more days where you can buy 3 years worth of website hosting for $2.95 a month and it includes a free domain registration. Continue reading “How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes”

The Better the Hospital, The Lower Doctors’ Salaries

doctors' salaries
These docs’ salaries might make hundreds of thousands of dollars apart just because some choose to work at academic hospitals instead of go into private practice

When you’re deciding where to work after medical school, where do you think you’d make the most money? Harvard Medical School? Johns Hopkins? You’d be very wrong. I’ve received an up close education to the world of physician compensation after I helped my girlfriend search for jobs this past year, and the results are very surprising. As a general rule, the better the hospital, the lower doctors’ salaries.  Continue reading “The Better the Hospital, The Lower Doctors’ Salaries”

What to Do When a Bunch of People Quit at Work

bunch of people quit at workOne of my close family members is dealing with a tough situation right now in her job. A bunch of people quit at work, and now she has to work investment banker hours since they are missing have the normal team size. I realized in watching her employer push her to accept double her normal shifts that employees just don’t realize the power they have. It’s time we turned the tables on the profit focused businesses and squeeze them when the balance is in favor of the employee.  Continue reading “What to Do When a Bunch of People Quit at Work”

Help! My Boss Can’t Make Payroll and I Just Found Out He Went to Jail

boss can't make payroll

I know the title sounds a little click-baity, but it’s true. A good friend of mine came to me with one of the most interesting personal finance problems I’ve ever heard of this weekend. Not only could his boss not make payroll, but the boss had an unknown criminal record. To protect his identity from his shady (former) employer, I’m keeping his identity anonymous. Here is the summary of his story: Continue reading “Help! My Boss Can’t Make Payroll and I Just Found Out He Went to Jail”

What a Half Million Dollars in Potential Student Loan Savings Looks Like

Amber and Danny have the most fascinating student loan situation I’ve yet encountered

Amber and Danny Masters are like any other married couple, except they have $591,158.21 in student loans. Their interest rates are sky high at an average annual rate of 6.8%. Unlike many couples in America, they are very serious about paying off this debt. They’ve rearranged their budget to prioritize making extra payments. Additionally, they even started a personal finance website,, to track their progress and to achieve their goal of being debt free. Since I’ve started a side hustle consulting for people with six figure student loan balances, I wanted to use my proprietary simulation tool to show you how this couple has more than a half million dollars in potential student loan savings waiting for them. Continue reading “What a Half Million Dollars in Potential Student Loan Savings Looks Like”

My Husband’s 401k Options Are Changing. What Should We Do?

husband's 401k options
Does this stock model guy even have a 401k? Lol. Thanks to Source

I got an interesting email from a friend recently who was trying to make heads or tails of her husband’s 401k options. She got a mailer saying that some of the mutual fund choices were going to change and that they needed to make a decision where to direct their new funds. If this ever happens to you, I suggest taking a look at your 401k fees and fund choices. As we will see, her husband’s 401k options might be better at making a finance company rich instead of them. Continue reading “My Husband’s 401k Options Are Changing. What Should We Do?”

Can I Ever Pay Off These Massive Student Loans?

massive student loans

This case study is a fascinating look into why the higher education system is broken in America. We will call this reader Jane to protect her anonymity. I’ll describe her situation rather than quote what she told me. She has $388,000 in debt from a single, consolidated loan directly from the federal government at an interest rate of 6.75%. Continue reading “Can I Ever Pay Off These Massive Student Loans?”

Case Study: Should I Invest or Pay Down the Car Loan?

invest or pay down the car loan
The American Classic Car show in Copenhagen this weekend in front of the Danish Parliament. Strangely, F150s and Chevy Silverados were included

Check out this case study from Frank on whether he should invest or pay down the car loan and mortgage. Here’s the full email below. If you have financial questions for me, send them to [email protected] for potential inclusion in a Millennial Moola case study.  Continue reading “Case Study: Should I Invest or Pay Down the Car Loan?”

My Secret Money Draining, Time Wasting Addiction

time wasting addiction
Civilization 3 Source

Isn’t it beautiful? In the picture above, you are looking at the capital city of an empire. I successfully constructed the Pyramids, Colossus, Hanging Gardens, Great Wall, Oracle, Great Lighthouse, SETI Program, and the United Nations. I’m talking about my secret time wasting addiction I’ve struggled with for years: the video game series Civilazation.  Continue reading “My Secret Money Draining, Time Wasting Addiction”