NFL Players Don’t Make Enough Money

nfl players dont make enough money

Maybe you’re a progressive and wish that NFL players tax rates were higher to fund safety net programs. Maybe you’re a staunch Trump supporter that’s disgusted that players kneel for the national anthem. Perhaps you’re a civil rights supporter who stands with the players in their efforts to achieve social justice for communities of color.

Regardless of where you stand, I believe one thing is clear in this latest Trump vs. NFL battle: the players don’t make enough for their efforts.  Continue reading “NFL Players Don’t Make Enough Money”

Here’s Why the NFL Sucks, and It Has Nothing to Do with Tom Brady

nfl sucks
What the Rams stadium in St Louis looks like now courtesy of St Louis Post Dispatch. But it’s an asset! The taxpayers own it! It was a great investment!

This story has nothing to do with Tom Brady winning his fifth Super Bowl. I thought about boycotting the whole thing yesterday. I’ve been rooting for the NFL to fall now for several years ever since the NFL became so blatantly obvious that their sole goal is to suck every last dollar from cities, players, and fans. From rotten stadium deals that burden cities, to long term neurological damage that should make us guilty for watching, to a culture that supports winning over any cost or character flaw, I’ve made it a goal to become a casual fan at best and divert my rooting interests to other sports. Here’s why. Continue reading “Here’s Why the NFL Sucks, and It Has Nothing to Do with Tom Brady”