Make a Difference, Volunteer with Junior Achievement

volunteer with junior achievementI’m currently living in St. Louis, Missouri, home to an incredible startup community that helped create my shockingly successful student loan business. Real talk: it’s also home to some of the greatest socioeconomic and racial inequalities anywhere in the country. I realized that I needed to do something more than just write articles to help people learn about personal finance. Many of the young, mostly white professionals we met in St. Louis told us never to venture into the North part of the city above Delmar Boulevard. After hearing that, I decided that was the most important place to help. I challenge my fellow bloggers and anyone who has received financial education through Millennial Moola to give back and volunteer with Junior Achievement.  Continue reading “Make a Difference, Volunteer with Junior Achievement”

New Guest Post on White Coat Investor!

5 Questions to Answer Before Buying Individual Munis

I got a cool opportunity to write a guest post on White Coat Investor, run by a very savvy doctor turned blogger named Jim. As I’ve written before, I worked for a few years as a municipal bond trader at Vanguard. I was looking for a chance to share some of the knowledge I gained trading $8 billion in municipal securities for the tax-free Vanguard bond funds, and I finally got a chance. Jim’s WCI blog is targeted at high income physicians who have high tax burdens, so I thought I’d write a piece on how to earn tax free income by investing in the municipal bond market. If you are or will be in a high tax bracket one day, it’s very relevant to you.  Check it out here

Interview with Dave Plier of WGN Radio in Chicago

I called in from Reykjavik this morning (on my $5/month Republic Wireless phone plan no less) to be interviewed on WGN Radio to talk about my new book, 25 IS THE NEW 65: How to Retire Outrageously Early and Do Whatever the Heck You Want. I got to speak to host Dave Plier of The Dave Plier Show about a little bit of everything: how to payoff debt, start an emergency fund, think about savings, and even how I caught my super cheap flight to Europe. Catch the link at

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Interview With Dave Plier of WGN Radio

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As a Thank You to My Readers, Enjoy Three Day Free Giveaway of My New Book!


If you’ve liked Millennial Moola these past couple weeks, then you’ll love my new book I just released on Amazon, 25 IS THE NEW 65: How To “Retire” Outrageously Early And Do Whatever The Heck You WantIn it, I tell you some more about my crazy story and how I came to the decision to take this risk and how I prepared for it. I set the framework for how to think of spending vs. saving decisions. I give you secrets on how to party while saving a ton of money, thoughts on how to buy a car and rent an apartment, how you can still eat out and save 75% on what you typically spend on food, and more. Take advantage of the three day free giveaway while it lasts.

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