How to Buy a Used Car for Maximum Value

buy a used car for maximum value

If you’ve noticed a slower blog post schedule recently, it’s because I’ve been helping my girlfriend get set up in St. Louis, MO at her new job. We’ve discovered that owning a car in the Midwest is pretty much a must. Given that I sold my last car on Craigslist to a rapper for top dollar, I lent my expertise to find her a great deal. Here’s how to buy a used car for maximum value. Continue reading “How to Buy a Used Car for Maximum Value”

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Negotiate Well

negotiate well

“I don’t want to seem greedy. I feel awkward asking for that much of a salary increase. What happens if they reject me for the lease I want when I ask for a discount? I’m scared to ask for a better used car price. I’ll just buy it at list.” Friends of mine have shared all these concerns with me when I suggest that they negotiate. Maybe you too have felt this way at some point in your life. If so, it’s time to stop feeling guilty and negotiate well. Continue reading “How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Negotiate Well”

Iced Coffee is So Not Worth It

iced coffeeBack when I was in full time student mode, I used to order iced coffee a lot. I always went with Dunkin Doughnuts since the Starbucks version was way more expensive. However, I’ve noticed recently that iced coffee in general is ridiculously overpriced compared to the hot coffee comparable product. Here’s why. Continue reading “Iced Coffee is So Not Worth It”

The US Government Should Pay You to Play Pokemon Go

US government should pay you to play pokemon goA new study by the scientific journal The Lancet finds that laziness costs Americans $27.8 billion annually. The researchers wanted to focus on a few diseases only and isolate the costs coming directly from inactivity. That means the figure they found is likely way too small and conservative. In fact, health experts assert that 22 diseases in total link directly to sloth. Rather than expand health insurance coverage and Medicaid funding, perhaps it’s time to go down a different, more productive path. The US Government should pay you to play Pokemon Go. Continue reading “The US Government Should Pay You to Play Pokemon Go”

An Open Letter to Trent Richardson on His Financial Problems

trent richardsonI was born in Pensacola, FL in 1990. So was Alabama’s former star running back turned NFL player Trent Richardson. Stories are all over the internet about how his friends and family spent $1.6 million of his money over 10 months as his career fell apart this past year. While others lived high on his dime, he spent as little as $300 over two weeks.

I went to Pensacola High School, the arch-rival of Trent Richardson’s Escambia High School across town. When somebody has success from Pensacola, everybody gets excited. When they struggle, people in Pensacola love you anyway. In that spirit, as a fellow Pensacolian, I want to submit this open letter to Trent Richardson. I will show how he can secure his finances against the leeches who have been living large at his expense. Hopefully it will inspire others who are struggling with friends and family who believe that your money is their money. I’ll first describe Richardson’s career and financial situation for those unfamiliar with his story, followed by my letter. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Trent Richardson on His Financial Problems”

Podcash Episode 1 Featuring My Brother Roy

I’ve watched the massive explosion in the podcast world the past few years, so I decided to try out having one of my own, the Podcash Show by Millennial Moola. I added a category in the menu above where I’ll post all my podcast episodes.  Continue reading “Podcash Episode 1 Featuring My Brother Roy”

Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today

Republic Wireless

July 28 will go down as the day Republic Wireless changed the cell phone industry forever. Today, they have announced a slew of cutting edge Android phones, an expanded coverage map, and stellar new data plans that should render Verizon and AT&T extinct for all but iPhone users. After today’s announcement, I would not be surprised if at least half of Millennial Moola readers switch to Republic Wireless when you find out what this little company has accomplished.  Continue reading “Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today”

Philadelphia’s Stupid Laws Don’t Apply to Democrats at the DNC

philadelphia's stupid lawsI lived in Philadelphia for three years, and it is a wonderful city full of great people. It is also home to some of the most corrupt politicians in the country after Chicago. Phildelphia’s stupid laws really hurt average people and raise costs for virtually everything. After all, this is a city where the city’s convention hall required paying union laborers $100 in order to plug in a television until recently. Philly has banned Uber and restricts all sales of alcohol to state run liquor stores. The Parking Authority has impounded Uber drivers’ cars, and most of the city’s restaurants do not even serve alcohol because of the Byzantine and astronomical cost of complying with the liquor regulations. For the DNC this weekend, the transportation sponsor is Uber and the alcohol regulations have all been lifted. Apparently Philadelphia’s stupid laws are good enough for everyone except high ranking Democratic politicians. Continue reading “Philadelphia’s Stupid Laws Don’t Apply to Democrats at the DNC”

How To Turn Around Your Finances in One Day: Guest Post by Finance Superhero

finance superhero

[Millennial Moola: This blog doesn’t accept paid posts. I do however love to share really useful perspectives with my readers from across the personal finance blogger world. I asked the Finance Superhero if he would stop by Millennial Moola today for a take on how much you should consider spending on different budget categories to have financial success. Here’s his post below.]

After lurking on many personal finance blogs for years, David launched in March 2016. He is on a mission to “Restore Order to the World of Finance.” He would be honored if you would check out his blog, follow FinanceSuperhero on Twitter, and “Like” the FinanceSuperhero Facebook page.

Note: Special thanks to Travis for allowing me the opportunity to publish this guest post on MillennialMoola! Continue reading “How To Turn Around Your Finances in One Day: Guest Post by Finance Superhero”

Help! My Boss Can’t Make Payroll and I Just Found Out He Went to Jail

boss can't make payroll

I know the title sounds a little click-baity, but it’s true. A good friend of mine came to me with one of the most interesting personal finance problems I’ve ever heard of this weekend. Not only could his boss not make payroll, but the boss had an unknown criminal record. To protect his identity from his shady (former) employer, I’m keeping his identity anonymous. Here is the summary of his story: Continue reading “Help! My Boss Can’t Make Payroll and I Just Found Out He Went to Jail”