How to Handle Vicious Robocalls

vicious robocalls

I made a major mistake when I registered my site online. I’m extremely frugal as most of you who are frequent readers know. Unfortunately, that frugality sometimes manifests itself in being penny wise but pound foolish. If your personal information is ever publicly exposed on the world wide web, you will get vicious robocalls. Here’s what happened to me. Continue reading “How to Handle Vicious Robocalls”

Active Management is the Anti Robin Hood

active management
These gentlemen were probably charitable compared to how much money active managers take from working people today

I recently read that New Jersey’s pension fund paid over $700 million in investment management fees in 2015, almost all to active managers.  New Jersey’s pension is horribly underfunded, and over 800,000 middle class people depend on the system for a secure retirement. Somehow, the state has the money to pay active managers three quarters of a billion dollars to underperform the S&P 500 index fund. Essentially, active management is the anti Robin Hood. These folks take from the poor to make themselves richer. Continue reading “Active Management is the Anti Robin Hood”

Warren Buffett is the Greatest Tax Dodger of All Time

Warren Buffett is the greatest tax dodger of all timeWarren Buffett is one of the most brilliant investors of all time. I personally admire him, so when someone as nasty as Donald Trump attacks him as he did in the second presidential debate, I want to come to the defense of the Oracle of Omaha. After all, Trump loves to make outrageously inaccurate accusations. However, one charge Trump leveled in the debate Sunday actually holds some water. He accused Warren Buffett among others of dodging taxes just like he does. Buffett responded that he had paid taxes since 1944 when he was a young teenager. THE TRUTH: Warren Buffett is the greatest tax dodger of all time.  Continue reading “Warren Buffett is the Greatest Tax Dodger of All Time”

How Trump’s Implosion Will Affect His Finances

trump's implosion will affect his financesDonald Trump is not even close to being worth “10 BILLION DOLLARS.” In fact, I’ve long held the position that he is running for President to personally enrich himself and to intentionally lose. The key to his strategy is increasing the value of the Trump brand. Unfortunately for him, this strategy took on water after the release of a tape with him making vulgar comments about women. Trump’s implosion will affect his finances, just not completely in the way you might think. Continue reading “How Trump’s Implosion Will Affect His Finances”

Why It’s So Freaking Hard to Get Low Cost Quality Financial Advice

hard to get low cost quality financial advice

Have you ever wondered why it’s so freaking hard to get low cost quality financial advice? I wondered that too, but then I had a stunning reality check. During the months of August and September, I was seriously considering becoming a financial advisor myself. I started looking into the process, and I discovered traditional “wealth managers” charge so much money for their services. Regulations, insurance requirements, and business expenses virtually eliminate all possibility of low cost advice. Continue reading “Why It’s So Freaking Hard to Get Low Cost Quality Financial Advice”

Millennial Moola September 2016 Traffic and Income Report – $682

September 2016 traffic and income report

Exciting news y’all. September 2016 was the most successful month in Millennial Moola history. Can’t wait to share my September 2016 traffic and income report. You know I do this blog for the love of writing and teaching others about personal finance, so I’m not in it for the dollars and eyeballs on my stuff. That said, the more people who read my site and the more money I make, generally the more people value what I’m saying. So my total monthly pageviews for September was about 13,300, and my blog net income for the month was $682Continue reading “Millennial Moola September 2016 Traffic and Income Report – $682”

It’s Time to Apply For A New Job, Even if You’re Happy

time to look for a new jobI want to comment on a widespread phenomenon I’ve seen among my friends. Some folks are perfectly content in their jobs, but they feel underpaid. Others stay at their employer because they’re afraid of looking elsewhere. Inertia is a powerful thing. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to apply for a new job, even if you’re happy. Continue reading “It’s Time to Apply For A New Job, Even if You’re Happy”

Why I Stopped Using Wells Fargo, FIVE YEARS AGO

i stopped using wells fargo
Shady picture of Wells Fargo branch, a perfect backdrop for the shady crap they just pulled with thousands of fraudulent account openings

In the personal finance blogger world, one way to make money is to accept payment to write a “sponsored post.” You give some blah generic advice about why saving is important and then you drop in a line with “and have you ever heard of this fantastic high yielding account with XYZ? Sign up today!” This is the opposite of a sponsored post in that Wells Fargo might have been willing to pay my money NOT TO WRITE IT. I stopped using Wells Fargo five years ago, and it’s looking like it was a great decision after their massive scandal is shaking wall street to the core. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Using Wells Fargo, FIVE YEARS AGO”

You’re a Heck of a Lot Richer than You Think

richer than you think
These workers are stoked to learn they only need $1,000 in the bank to be rich

I have some great news for you. If you’re saving responsibly and have an emergency fund of at least $1,000 in it, you’re a 1% er. No I’m not making that up. A study by GoBankingRates found that 50% of families making between $100,000 and $149,000 a year have less than $1,000 in the bank. A solid 18% of these families don’t even have anything in the bank. Keep reading because I’m about to massively boost your financial self-esteem from how many people suck at managing money. Continue reading “You’re a Heck of a Lot Richer than You Think”

How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes

build a blog in 10 minutes
Check out, a new website my girlfriend and I built in 10 minutes this weekend

It’s never been easier or cheaper in history for an average person to build a blog in 10 minutes. You can turn a blog into a business with virtually no overhead. The hosting company I used to start Millennial Moola is offering a flash sale that lasts for only a couple more days where you can buy 3 years worth of website hosting for $2.95 a month and it includes a free domain registration. Continue reading “How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes”