My Dream Wedding

dream wedding
Wouldn’t life just be simpler if we all got married on makeshift boats on the bayou? Source

I don’t think I’ve made it super public on the blog yet, but I’m engaged! I hope to still be engaged by the end of the article as well haha. We’re very excited, and I’ve mentally moved on from proposal planning to wedding planning. I’m learning more about decorations, venues, catering charges, and set up and tear down rules than I’ve ever cared to imagine. For that reason, I wanted to make one futile act of resistance against the wedding industrial complex fueled with the gasoline of Pinterest. Here’s my dream wedding. If you think I’m nuts or can one up my dreams with how you handled yours, let us know in the comments. Continue reading “My Dream Wedding”

Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s IS HERE!

After over a year of work, I’ve finally finished my second book, Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s. Shortly after publishing my first work, 25 IS THE NEW 65, I realized I needed to work on something foundational for when friends have questions about money. There is a real dearth of books out there that address personal finance for twenty and thirty somethings while incorporating the present reality of the tech revolution.  Continue reading “Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s IS HERE!”

So I’m Not Actually Retired Anymore

not actually retired anymore
Me hanging out in Mexico City last January. All the while secretly plotting my return to the workforce

Sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve been really busy working on my random and unexpectedly successful startup Student Loan Planner, LLC. While I fully planned on being retired for the foreseeable future when I started Millennial Moola, I discovered something most folks do when they hit their mid-70s: retirement can be boring. I guess I’m not actually retired anymore. Continue reading “So I’m Not Actually Retired Anymore”

I’m Thankful to Be a Three Time Harvard Reject

three time harvard rejectI’m a complete failure, at least as far as Harvard is concerned.  I wanted to go to Harvard ever since I was a kid after watching the movie Legally Blonde. I love learning, and to me being at the world’s best university seemed like the pinnacle achievement in a young lifetime. Fast forward to the present, and I’m a three time Harvard reject. Someday, I will probably need to send them a thank you note because my life would be so different right now if not for this lucky break. Continue reading “I’m Thankful to Be a Three Time Harvard Reject”

How Much Money Is Enough to Walk Away?

enough to walk awayJohn Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, wrote an interesting book a few years back called Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life
In it, he talks about how he accidentally returned about $50 billion back to Vanguard shareholders by making the company a mutually owned business rather than a privately held business like Fidelity. Instead of $50 billion, he’s only worth about $50 million. That’s the first time I was confronted with the thought of how much is enough to walk away.  Continue reading “How Much Money Is Enough to Walk Away?”

A Dank Basement Enabled Me to Retire at 25

dank basementPeople really want to know what I’m doing with my life when they find out I retired early at 25. They assume I must have had a high powered job and made gobs of money. After all, that’s the only way someone could possibly afford to walk away from it all in this still tenuous economy. In fact, I have to give a special thanks to my dank basement. Without it, I would still be sitting at a cubicle. Continue reading “A Dank Basement Enabled Me to Retire at 25”

Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today

Republic Wireless

July 28 will go down as the day Republic Wireless changed the cell phone industry forever. Today, they have announced a slew of cutting edge Android phones, an expanded coverage map, and stellar new data plans that should render Verizon and AT&T extinct for all but iPhone users. After today’s announcement, I would not be surprised if at least half of Millennial Moola readers switch to Republic Wireless when you find out what this little company has accomplished.  Continue reading “Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today”

Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball: Best Entertainment Value I’ve Ever Had

pensacola blue wahoos baseball
Where can you watch future MLB players right behind home plate for $10?

I’m from a small town called Pensacola. We are famous for being the home base of the Blue Angels Navy Flight demonstration team that travels the country performing daredevil flying maneuvers. We have a huge Naval Air Base that trains every naval aviator in the Armed Forces. Most of the entertainment options in Pensacola in the past involved going to museums, musical performances, the beach, or a nice seafood restaurant. While visiting my family over July 4th week, I discovered the best entertainment value for $10 out there, Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball.   Continue reading “Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball: Best Entertainment Value I’ve Ever Had”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Work Dead-End Corporate Jobs

dead-end corporate jobs
Don’t end up like this guy. Hop off the treadmill if you don’t like what you do

The Franklin Institute in Philly is one of my favorite museums anywhere. Still, I didn’t expect it to give me the perfect photo to describe working in dead-end corporate jobs. Sorry to drop this article right after July 4th. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans, 52% in fact, are unhappy at work. Maybe it’s because they realize there is no possibility for promotion in their position or that working in corporate America is bland and unexciting. So many people work for a paycheck rather than for passion. I would be a terrible friend if I did not ask you to do a gut check right now. Do you love what you do? If so, awesome, if not, keep reading. Continue reading “Friends Don’t Let Friends Work Dead-End Corporate Jobs”