Flat Fee Student Loan Consulting Business

For a one time fee, I provide 1:1 student loan consultations that might save you thousands of dollars. I come up with a personalized plan to help you pay off your student loans for an incredibly low cost. I’ll be shocked if the consultation doesn’t pay for itself and then some. Email me at [email protected] to see if this service is right for you. Here’s my fee schedule:

Individual Borrowers  – $150

This includes a 15 minute fact finding call to discover your expectations. I’ll then analyze your loans and come up with actionable ideas how to save you money, or in rare cases will confirm that what you’re doing is your best option. Includes ongoing email support through the refinancing process if applicable to your situation. If you’re doing PSLF, I’ll show you where to submit your employment certification form.

Couples – $200

If your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend also has loans, you can get savings of $50 by having me analyze the whole picture together. This package includes all my services I give to an individual borrowers while accounting for the added complexity of loan interactions.