Of Course the Trash Trucks in Iceland Are Mercedes, Yet I Love It Still

trash trucks in iceland are mercedes

In case I seem like I’m posting a little less over the next ten days, I’m currently on a trip through Europe with my little brother. He asked me to show him the ropes of travel on the cheap through Europe, at which point I get to return to the US for some cool trips to Montreal and New York City with the girlfriend. Iceland is synonymous with quality, a point that was driven home for me when we were walking down the street this morning and I saw one of the most beautiful public vehicles I had ever seen. The trash trucks in Iceland are Mercedes, and little facts like this provide me with enormous amounts of free entertainment even when I travel to the most expensive countries in the world. 

When You Are Easily Amused, Life Is Easier To Enjoy

I could afford to go out and eat at a nice restaurant here in Reykjavik, but noticing the clouds enveloping the ice covered mountains in the distance is better than any tasty meal could ever be. I understand some people enjoy nice food and going out to eat. If you are one of them, more power to you. You should use your money for what you enjoy in life. For me, just being in a place like Iceland is surreal.

The police here do not carry guns. A few years ago, a disturbed man was blasting a firearm all over the place, including at the officers who responded to try and calm the man down. The lone police unit allowed to use guns showed up to try and talk the man down while protecting citizens. Finally after repeated shots, the officers attempted to wound the suspect in the leg. Immediately after they hit him, the police rushed to his aid and tried to save his life like their own lives depended upon it.

Despite rushing the suspect to the hospital, they were unsuccessful. The nation was almost in a period of mourning. It was the first time the police had killed a person by gunfire in this small country with a population smaller than the state of Wyoming. Truly Iceland is one of the most innocent places I have ever been, and I love that.

The Trash Trucks in Iceland Are Mercedes, But the Real Beauty is in Icelandic Nature

trash trucks in iceland are mercedes
Gulfoss, the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. Only in Iceland Source 

I have been to Iceland twice now, and the first time was for a whole week. I have only begun to scratch the surface of the natural beauty here. In a weird way, the elegant beauty of civilization mixed with the even more impressive natural wonders have made Iceland one of my favorite places to visit. Regular readers know how much I despise high prices, and Iceland is an expensive place. That is saying something.

So next time you see a trash truck roll down the street in all its practical, ugly, machine-like glory, remember that the Icelanders only allow the best in everything, even their trash. I suppose they looked at the nature they lived in and wanted to try and reflect that in their everyday lives, even in the mundane tasks. Here’s to natural, untouched beauty that shows man we are but a temporary steward of this beautiful creation called Earth.

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  1. Iceland is a great place to visit and becoming more popular in recent years as more people discover its natural beauty. I was there a few years ago and had an amazing time seeing the various natural wonders and more. Renting a car was great fun too allowing us to explore almost the entire circumference of the island. I remember that incident when police had to use their guns. It was very sad that one of the last places on Earth had to succumb to the same violence that plagues every other nation. Nice recap of a great country to visit.

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