Republic Wireless Destroys the Cell Phone Industry Today

Republic Wireless

July 28 will go down as the day Republic Wireless changed the cell phone industry forever. Today, they have announced a slew of cutting edge Android phones, an expanded coverage map, and stellar new data plans that should render Verizon and AT&T extinct for all but iPhone users. After today’s announcement, I would not be surprised if at least half of Millennial Moola readers switch to Republic Wireless when you find out what this little company has accomplished. 

You no longer need to stay on your family phone plan or tolerate Verizon ripping you off. This is literally an article I have waited to write for months now, and I’m so stoked to tell you about how you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by heading over to Republic Wireless and signing up. Read the whole thing to know why I’m so stoked.

What is Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless is a company that buys excess capacity off the large networks like Sprint, TMobile, etc. and offers huge discounts to its customers for cell phone plans. I’ve used them for about three years now. I’ve saved about $1500 compared with the discounted cost of staying on my family’s cell phone plan, as many people our age tend to do. My average cell phone bill with Republic Wireless has hovered around $15 a month. At times, such as when I traveled around Europe, I paid much less at $5 a month for my Republic Wireless cell phone plan.

This cell phone company is the best thing to happen to the American consumer since Vanguard destroyed mutual fund fees.

All the Best Android Phones are Now Compatible With the Unbelievable Cheap Republic Wireless Cell Phone Plans

At first, the company only offered a very limited set of phones. They needed to build a custom operating system to make their WiFi calling technology work correctly. With such a limited lineup of phones, only the most cost conscious consumers would consider using them.

Then came Republic 2.0, with more powerful phones such as the Moto X 1st generation. With a midrange Android capable of competing with the likes of the iPhone 5, I decided to make the plunge and change my cell phone service from Verizon to Republic Wireless in 2013.

Today, the company finally announced the highly anticipated release of eight new phones, including the best smartphone in existence today, the Galaxy S7 Edge. The excitement I have is due to the compatibility of these incredible new cell phone options with cell phone plans that cost $20-$45 a month. Here’s a complete list of the phones available now at Republic Wireless below, along with their complete model name.
Moto G4 and G4 PLUS (XT1644) – $199 / $299

Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575) – $349

Nexus 5X by LG (LGH790) $349

Nexus 6P by Huawei (H1511) -$499

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (SM-J320A) – $179

Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T) – $549

Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U) – $699

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935U) – $799

What are the Details of the New Republic Cell Phone Plans that Go with the New Phones?

The company calls their new cell plans Clear Choice 3.0. They started with the 1.0 plans that I have been on until recently. You could buy WiFi only for $5 a month, unlimited talk and text with WiFi data for $10 a month, unlimited everything with 3G speed at $25 a month, and 5GB of 4G LTE speed at $40 a month. After that, they created plans that refunded money to you based on how much data you used each month. These new plans make it even cheaper to use the moderate amount of high speed cellular data that most people in America use.


I plan on selecting the 1GB plan with unlimited talk and text, which will cost me only $20 a month. When I had unlimited data with Republic Wireless, I found that my typical data usage for the month came in at around 750 MB, comfortably under the 1GB limit for their incredibly cheap plan.

Is a Couple GB of Data Going to Be Enough for Me?

Granted, the community that uses Republic Wireless is going to use less data on average, but they found that 85% of their customers use less than 1GB of data per month. The average American uses about 1.8 GB of cell phone data per month. Since that average figure is skewed much higher by the extreme data consumers that blow 10GB watching Youtube and Netflix on their phones, more than half of Americans would be served with the $30 2GB plan from Republic Wireless.

When I ask the vast majority of my friends how much data they use a month, they answer something less than 2GB. That means most Millennial Moola readers would be paying $30 a month or less with Republic Wireless. Can you begin to see now why I’m so excited? You’ll be saving a ton of money compared to the traditional phone carriers that rip people off. On top of that, you can finally move off the family plan and stop wondering if your mom and dad look through your call log on their monthly statement to spy on how often you call your girlfriend or boyfriend after midnight.

How Does This Plan Compare to Other Options?

If you have one or two cell lines in your household, there is nothing that compares to Republic Wireless for all but the extreme 0.1% of the data user spectrum. I went over to TMobile to see how much a plan would be for a single user, and it came out to $50 a month for 2GB, almost double the cost of Republic Wireless. The very best Verizon plans do not measure up either.

The real comparison for Republic Wireless is with Google Fi. Full disclosure, if you sign up with Republic Wireless through one of the links in this article, I receive a very small commission that supports the site. If you signup with Google Fi, I receive $0. That hasn’t stopped me from telling Millennial Moola readers when Google Fi had a better deal going on like it did in April when they sold the Nexus 5x for $199. With these new phone and cell plan options, Republic Wireless is unquestionably the better choice.

Republic Wireless Slays the Mighty Google

On almost every count, the tiny little Republic Wireless company has the great Google beat. Google Fi offers only two phones currently. Republic Wireless now offers around a dozen including the best Android phones available. A 1GB cell phone plan with unlimited talk and text at Google cost $30 a month. At Republic Wireless, it costs only $20 a month.

The only exception where Google Fi might be better for you is if you plan to live internationally for several months or more. Google Fi allows you to use your cheap US data plan overseas in 135 countries. Additionally, you can call international phone numbers for $0.20 a minute. This would’ve helped me when I traveled through Europe and Latin America this past year. Even so, I got by just fine using my $5 a month Republic Wireless plan. If I ever needed Google Maps, I would run over to a coffee shop and download whatever I needed from the internet.

Republic Wireless assures me that they are developing international call capability as we speak. I wouldn’t even let that dissuade you from switching unless your travel plans are immediate.

What Phone Am I Going With?

Despite my envy of my friend Jorge’s Pokemon Go playing quality with his beautiful Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I’m going with the Moto Pure edition for a host of reasons. The main one is the $349 price tag instead of the huge $700+ price of the Edge. From the reviews I see online, the Edge is supposedly the better phone. However, for a solid experience and quality photos for a non-gamer such as myself, the Pure will more than cover my needs. I would highly suggest going with the Moto Pure if you want value. If you want performance, go with the Samsung S7 Edge.

The nice thing is that Republic Wireless now has both ends of the spectrum. The only excuse for not switching is if you’re a dedicated iPhone loyalist. The company does not currently support Apple products.

What are you waiting for? Switch Now and Save a Butt-load of Money

The easiest way to get started is to visit the Republic Wireless website and buy your phone directly. If you love to life hack and save even more, you can bring your phone to Republic Wireless. As long as your phone is unlocked and GSM compatible, you shouldn’t have a problem. You can buy used and refurbished phones for over $100 lower than the list price sometimes on Amazon and Ebay. Hence, I encourage you to check those options out. All you have to do is buy the SIM card from Republic Wireless for a nominal fee. That means you do not need to buy a new phone from them to switch! If you have a nice Android Phone, you can probably bring it with you! You get to keep your current number as well.

Again you help support Millennial Moola by signing up for this cell service. Thank you so much for putting your trust in my recommendations. I will do my best to earn that trust. I will always try to steer you in the direction that presents the best value to you. It used to be a tossup. Now Republic Wireless exclusively offers the best cell phone plans out there. Click here to look at their plans and phones.

Flash Sale: RW has a flash sale on the Nexus 6P right now (the best smartphone made by Google). The first 1000 people to order one get $100 off.

Did I convince you to switch? Do you have any technical questions about the offer or the service that comes with Republic? Still think your phone plan is a better deal than what they offer? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Republic Wireless. I think their biggest competitor is TING, which I use. It’s very similar to Republic Wireless. I literally went from paying Sprint $140 a month to paying $45 a month. Crazy savings.

    1. I just like that RW has a low predictable monthly bill that covers 90% of people’s phone needs. The typical American only needs 1GB of data a month

  2. You make a nice point when highlighting the different levels of data use among different segments of people. If the Republic figures are correct, their customers are getting a good deal.

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