Why I Stopped Using Wells Fargo, FIVE YEARS AGO

i stopped using wells fargo
Shady picture of Wells Fargo branch, a perfect backdrop for the shady crap they just pulled with thousands of fraudulent account openings

In the personal finance blogger world, one way to make money is to accept payment to write a “sponsored post.” You give some blah generic advice about why saving is important and then you drop in a line with “and have you ever heard of this fantastic high yielding account with XYZ? Sign up today!” This is the opposite of a sponsored post in that Wells Fargo might have been willing to pay my money NOT TO WRITE IT. I stopped using Wells Fargo five years ago, and it’s looking like it was a great decision after their massive scandal is shaking wall street to the core. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Using Wells Fargo, FIVE YEARS AGO”