Freedom from Corporate Serfdom: How to Retire by 25


Have you ever wondered how to break free from staring at your computer screen and watching the clock roll by? If you start off at $40,000 a year at 18 or $60,000 at 22, you can save at least 70% of your income and afford to walk away from your corporate serfdom existence decades earlier than your peers.

The key is investing in such a way that less than 0.5% of your return gets eaten by fees and at least 4% income can be generated from your portfolio a year (usually a combination of selling some of the portfolio on top of some dividend income). Once you get to a level where half of your spending is met by your income from you’re investments you can take the plunge as you’ll likely figure out ways to make money through hobbies you enjoy which is why I don’t believe in waiting until 30 for a full replacement income stream.

You don’t have to buy bonds or CDs to do this if you are willing to accept volatility in your portfolio. People break free! You don’t have to keep mindlessly going through the 9 to 5 longing for that 2 week vacation in a few months. If you are willing to live a life undefined by consumption, you can become healthier, happier, and feel what it’s like to experience the joy of no more Mondays. Part of the reason I’m starting this blog is to show you how. I quit my job at 25 based on teachings I learned from different financial bloggers and experts and you can do it too. Get motivated! Claim your freedom!

Check out my full story detailing the numbers behind my journey here.

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