As a Thank You to My Readers, Enjoy Three Day Free Giveaway of My New Book!


If you’ve liked Millennial Moola these past couple weeks, then you’ll love my new book I just released on Amazon, 25 IS THE NEW 65: How To “Retire” Outrageously Early And Do Whatever The Heck You WantIn it, I tell you some more about my crazy story and how I came to the decision to take this risk and how I prepared for it. I set the framework for how to think of spending vs. saving decisions. I give you secrets on how to party while saving a ton of money, thoughts on how to buy a car and rent an apartment, how you can still eat out and save 75% on what you typically spend on food, and more. Take advantage of the three day free giveaway while it lasts.

I go into case studies and I show you how to never to pay full price for any big ticket consumer good ever again. Finally, we wrap it up by looking at all the outrageous benefits of living the dream and going for it by walking away from your job to take the ultimate life adventure.

Because I’m so grateful for the comments and readership here at Millennial Moola, the first three days of my book I’m giving it away for FREE. Just click on the link above and it’ll take you to the store. If you take advantage of this deal please help me out by leaving a detailed review (especially if it’s a 5 star one!) Apparently one of the main drivers of Amazon book sales is how many 5 star reviews you get so any legitimate ones are really appreciated.

If you’ve ever thought about self publishing on Amazon, I might do an article about it eventually because it’s super easy and you can have a lot of fun becoming a published author and checking it off your bucket list. There’s a ton of good information already out there.  I’d reference Tim Ferriss’s guide from if you want to learn about it generally and when you are ready to market the book check out Noah Kagan of’s view as well.

Again please leave a review and enjoy the book. I’ll be back at it shortly. I have a new email [email protected] if you want to reach out.


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