Traveling From Mexico City Airport Is Dirt Cheap

Plaza Zocalo, the one from the James Bond movie

It’s here!! Millennial Moola trip around the world part 2! I took advantage of a non stop flight with Jetblue from Orlando to Mexico City for $73 to explore Latin America for two months. People ask me sometimes if I run out of things to write about, but traveling really has a way of obliterating writer’s block. I thought I’d share with you the insane value of the Mexican Metro system, created from the drastic rise in the dollar and overall affordability of Mexico City. In fact, the trip from the Mexico City airport was the cheapest I’ve ever experienced. I’ll hold the surprise on how much I paid until the end, but so far I love what I’m seeing in one of the biggest cities in the Western Hemisphere. 

First Step: Take the Metro in Mexico City Airport Terminal 1 towards Pantitlán on Line 1

First thing I noticed was that we were the only white guys on the whole train (traveling with a buddy of mine). Generally speaking, when I’m traveling I know I’m about to get a great deal when you’re looking primarily at locals. We walked up to the ticket window and bought what we needed and hopped on the train in the direction of Pantitlán. There’s only one line there at the Mexico City airport so you shouldn’t get confused.

Second Step: Change Trains at Pantitlán Towards Chabacano on Line 9


Pretty self explanatory. Just hop on the metro in the direction of Tacubaya. Get off at the Chabacano stop and head towards the next train to the city center, line 2.

Take Line 2 in the Direction of Cuatro Caminos to Arrive at Zocalo Station


This is the place where you’ll find all the action a tourist could ever want. Hop off and walk up the stairs to find the majestic Cathedral and the largest flag you’ve ever seen. There are easily 1000 police officers in the plaza so it’s a really safe area. Take a look at the pic below where we ate lunch overlooking the main square for $3. They even have an ice rink, IN MEXICO.


The Punchline: How Cheap It Was

We bought our tickets for 5 pesos each, which translates to about $0.30 American. You can change an unlimited amount of times on the metro too. So a taxi might cost $3, and the metro is somehow $0.30. I’m absolutely blown away. As long as you don’t flaunt your new iPhone 6S and your Gucci handbag on the train it’s plenty safe. The metro is also way cleaner than NYC.

I wouldn’t take the metro to the fringe areas of town and get off and walk around late at night, but be honest with yourself, would you do that in Philly, DC, or NYC either? In some respects, being in Mexico City is safer than in America. If someone robs you and you give them what they want, I have never heard of violence happening. I have heard of plenty of people who get shot for no reason in America. We have a very ethnocentric view when it comes to safety of a country. Because Mexico City is so unexplored by Americans fearful of its safety reputation, my dollar goes so far here it’s ridiculous. I could have retired after working only 1 year instead of 3 if I’d only thought of Mexico as a destination. Give me $0.30 rides to the Mexico City airport any day.

Any experiences in Mexico City? Would you go? Would you take the Metro or chicken out and take the taxi instead? Comment below!

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