Why and How I’m Quitting My Obamacare Plan

quitting my obamacare planYou’re never supposed to talk about politics. It’s bad business and it makes people mad at you. It’s hard to come across as neutral when discussing an issue like the Affordable Care Act. Even using the word “Obamacare” sounds like a pejorative to some. I’ll use the term since Pres. Obama said he’s cool with it, and that’s how most people know it. I’m also going to be really personal with you and tell you my own experience and how I came to my decision on quitting my Obamacare plan. Take this with a grain of salt, because I’m sure there are dozens of different opinions on this. Still for folks dealing with the ridiculousness of sky high premiums for horrible health insurance like myself, this article might be really helpful to you.

I’ve recently decided to take a risk with my healthcare because I just can’t stomach paying for something that’s essentially worthless. I’m speaking about my Bronze Affordable Healthcare Act healthcare plan. In honor of the failed Republican AHCA plan that also would’ve created a lot of problems, I’m turning myself into an open book for this blog post to explain why I’m quitting my Obamacare plan and what I’m replacing it with. Continue reading “Why and How I’m Quitting My Obamacare Plan”