The Funny, Crappy Stuff that Happens When You’re Traveling the World

traveling the world
Slightly full minibus in the Balkans. source

First rule of modern society: people are not nearly as perfect as their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles suggest.  Whenever we look at someone’s life through the #nofilter lens (we all use it), we see a whitewashed version of life free from any challenge, difficulty, or roadblock. When I post pictures of traveling the world online, I leave out the unpleasant parts, but I decided for this post I wouldn’t spare my readers from some of the more graphic details of the tough times I’ve been through so far in my travels around the world. Hopefully these stories below give you realistic expectations if you’re thinking of going off on global trip that it won’t all be sunshine as well as make you laugh a bit so you can get through the week.  Continue reading “The Funny, Crappy Stuff that Happens When You’re Traveling the World”

How to Get Cheap Flights to Latin America and Europe

cheap flights to latin america and europe

People are typically stunned when I tell them that I got my one way plane tickets to Europe for $300 total, and they were actually two separate tickets, the first to Iceland and the second to Norway. If you go the easy route and type in Point A to Point B on (I shudder to think if you’re typing that in on you will probably pay way more than is really necessary to get to your destination. I don’t have any amazing tricks to get cheap flights to Latin America and Europe because I don’t use gimmicks, I use strategies that you can apply each time you look for a trip. Continue reading “How to Get Cheap Flights to Latin America and Europe”

How Cheap is Ukraine Right Now

I know what you might be thinking. It doesn’t matter how cheap Ukraine is if there’s a war going on and you are risking your life for that cheap exchange rate. While that sentiment is an understandable one, it is not based at all in reality for the vast majority of the country right now. Ukraine is one of the best kept secrets in international travel. In fact I would take a step further and say it is one of the best bargains on the planet right now for travelers that make their money in Dollars or Euros. Continue reading “How Cheap is Ukraine Right Now”

Top 10 Low Cost or No Cost Things to Do in Oslo, Norway

The first thing one might notice going into the convenience stores here in Norway’s capital is how a hot dog is about $5. Holy cow that better be made with grass fed, free range, organic pork with a freshly baked in a brick oven bun. Sadly, hot dogs are hot dogs everywhere. How do you figure out things to do in Oslo, Norway and see the sites in a city with an international reputation for its high costs? The good news is I got you covered. Continue reading “Top 10 Low Cost or No Cost Things to Do in Oslo, Norway”

Cheapest Way to see the Golden Circle in Iceland

If you are staying anywhere in Reykjavik from the City Campground at Laugardalur to the Hótel Leifur Eiríksson in front of the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral, you will be marketed to about going to see the Golden Circle. Besides the Blue Lagoon, it is the most visited group of places in Iceland. Most of the tour companies charge around $80 to see the Big Three: Geysir, Gulfoss, and Thingvellir National Park. However, you can do yourself a favor and knock off $20 from your bill by taking some initiative. Continue reading “Cheapest Way to see the Golden Circle in Iceland”

Top 10 Low or No Cost Stuff To Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Yours truly getting ready to raid a village


My motto while I have been in Iceland has been “don’t fall for tourist traps, and explore everything around you.” My best source of information has been talking to random people in the street. If you follow that one piece of advice you will have an incredible time.  Here’s the list of what I’ve done to give you some ideas for stuff to do in Reykjavik on your own trip to Iceland Continue reading “Top 10 Low or No Cost Stuff To Do in Reykjavik, Iceland”

How to Get Free Food at Reykjavik Hostels

11666155_10155756863725398_8106257672944851874_nSee all that food? It’s absolutely free for the taking in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Reykjavik, Iceland. While I was walking around the city yesterday I made a habit of checking out the different menus around the city, and the typical cost looks to be around $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner. Since my unofficial budget for food is $10-$15 a day (I actually don’t keep one. I just try to be frugal all the time), if I were to eat out for three meals a day I’d be spending my daily budget goal of $50 a day in food alone. I discovered how you can eat free food at Reykjavik hostels and still get a decent meal.

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How to Get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik Cheap


The first stop on my European adventure is the tiny island nation of Iceland, home to about the same population as the state of Wyoming at 400,000 souls. The country turned into a major chess piece on the global stage during World War II when the British took over the island and built Reykjavik airport, which is used primarily for domestic flights. Since the Americans always like to build bigger than our cousins across the pond, we built Keflavik airport, the largest in Iceland and the one you will be flying into on almost any international flight. There’s only one problem, the airport is about 30 miles away from the capital. In a city The Economist magazine called the richest on Earth, how do you get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik cheap?

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What I’m Bringing to Europe and How I’m Getting There

You know what’s ridiculous? Only being able to take two or three weeks of vacation a year. Now that I’m “retired,” I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Europe a few months back and I’m leaving in a couple days. I want to show you how you can get to Europe even if you’re working in a low wage job right now. To prove that you can do it, let’s look at what I’m bringing to Europe and how I’m getting there.

First: The Gear (aka Back Care)


The total weight of my pack is 11.6 lbs. When I wear my rain jacket as I plan on doing at the airport it comes in at 10.6 lbs, right under the 11 lb threshold for the airline I’m flying on which charges hefty fees for going over that amount (more on that later). I was really influenced by Life Reengineered and Tynan on the virtues of traveling light on foreign trips. I’ve been to Mexico, Peru, South Africa, The Middle East, and Europe before and each time I had way too much stuff. I found I was wearing certain clothes at least 80% of the time and that I’d only put on alternate outfits to avoid doing laundry.  I carried a 30 lb pack on a 100 mile backpacking trip once, and I swore I would never bring more than I needed on a trip ever again. 

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