Call Me Watson Guest Post on the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine

gender pay gap in medicine
To hospital administrators: She’s worth $1 million bucks.

Thinks are looking up here at Millennial Moola. The personal finance bloggers J. Money and Cait Flanders graciously put my free student loan spreadsheet on the front page of Rockstar Finance. And now, I’ve got a guest post on Call Me Watson, which is run by an amazingly impressive doctor. She writes about medicine, travel, pop culture, and life, and I also happen to be dating her (full disclosure). She just finished up her 11 years of medical education and recently moved into a full fledged attending physician position. I feel like I took a master’s course in physician compensation while watching her job search.

The various offers and interviews she had opened my eyes to the gender pay equity problem, especially as it exists in high level fields such as surgery. Based on my having a bird’s eye view of her experiences, I wanted to write a piece on what I noticed. I’m convinced we can remedy a large part of the physician gender pay gap by informing women how to negotiate and encourage them to push for what they’re worth. Unfortunately, no one teaches these skills in medical school. has great stuff, particularly for young women working in or around the medical field.

Here’s the guest post again. Please go on over and check it out!

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