How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes

build a blog in 10 minutes
Check out, a new website my girlfriend and I built in 10 minutes this weekend

It’s never been easier or cheaper in history for an average person to build a blog in 10 minutes. You can turn a blog into a business with virtually no overhead. The hosting company I used to start Millennial Moola is offering a flash sale that lasts for only a couple more days where you can buy 3 years worth of website hosting for $2.95 a month and it includes a free domain registration.

The only real expense is your time. While blogging is really difficult to make money at, I know half a dozen personal finance bloggers making over $100,000 for just running a website. A couple are even approaching $1 million per year in revenue, and many of them started off or are still using Bluehost, the host for Millennial Moola. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to build your own website, now is the time to give it a try. Worst case scenario, you’re out less than the price of a six inch subway sandwich.

Start With Checking For the Domain Name You Want

There’s probably a better way to do this step, but I usually visit to see if the name I want for a website is available. Before starting Millennial Moola, I only knew Go Daddy for its ridiculous Super Bowl commercials. They actually compete in the same space that Bluehost does, but they’re generally a lot more salesy and more expensive in my opinion.

Many people start blogging under a name like or While this is fine for a small blog you want to use for family and close friends, it’s impossible to create a big time blog this way. When you use this free service, the parent company controls your site. You have no ability to place advertising, customize, install custom features, etc. They maintain all the rights to your content and are free to earn revenue through their own advertisements. If you’re serious at all about putting the time in to write articles, you must control your own site and it’s so cheap there’s no reason not to.

Register the Site Name with Your Hosting Company and Set Up the Back End

I just set up a website for my girlfriend a couple nights ago. She and her friend want to have a joke lifestyle blog that makes fun of lack of time to enjoy yourself as a medical resident. I think it’s a great idea, and since I’m more familiar with website hosting and setup she asked me to help.

My first step was to go to the Bluehost site where I have an account. Once you login, you’ll have the opportunity to click ‘register domains.’ Once you purchase your website and pay for hosting, that’s literally half the battle.

build a blog in 10 minutes

Install WordPress, the Amazing Do It Yourself Website Builder for Free

The next step is to install the free website builder WordPress through their one click install. You just scroll down the page in the Bluehost site and click the one click install button.

build a blog in 10 minutes

This action will take you to the next page. Wordpress will show the name of your site. You can also pick your username and password you’ll use to enter through the backend of your new website.


After clicking the install button and waiting a couple minutes, my girlfriend’s new website was up and running. All she has to do now is login to her new site and start writing.

What Could You Do with a Website of Your Own?

You could control your own personal brand. You might build a professional presence, become a trusted expert, build ad revenue, and/or start affiliate marketing relationships. I’ve driven a bunch of traffic to my student loan consulting business thanks to owning my own site. You could even start a website just to get the affiliate links from Amazon, which give you up to 6% for buying through their links if you have your own site. Amazon affiliate partner. That means if you click on the image of this super expensive $80 blender and buy it, I get can get 6% of the sale price as a commission.

start a blog in 10 minutes
If you accidentally click on the blender image and buy it, I make money. That’s only possible because I own my own website.

I’m not nearly as gifted at selling through Amazon affiliate links, but some bloggers are and you might be one of them. One moment you build a blog in 10 minutes and in a few months you could already pay back the 3 years of $2.95 a month hosting fees with Bluehost.


What’s Stopping You? Start Your Own Unique Blog Today and Try Your Hand at Internet Entrepreneurship

The internet is the wild west of entrepreneurship. Some people make seven figures in income from blogs they started on something ridiculously cheap like a $2.95 a month hosting plan with Bluehost. A lot of people make a few thousand dollars and it’s some of the most fun work I’ve ever done.

Of course, the vast majority of websites and blogs fail. You are far more likely to earn $0 than you are to earn $1000. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Moreover, it’s a why not experiment in life moment where you can take advantage of this flash sale with Bluehost that will end in a few days time to start your own adventure. Millennial Moola has given me an enormous sense of excitement and fun since I started it when I early retired in June 2015. Whether you want to start a blog about your hobbies, small business hustle, fashion, food, travel, personal finance, or anything, it’s accessible to everyone.

If you click on that link for the $2.95 a month hosting plan, I make a commission on that if you end up starting your site. Usually the rate is higher so I figured it’d be a good time to bring it up to my readers. I’ve been generally pleased with them as a hosting company, and if you have any trouble setting up your website hit me up at [email protected] and I’ll try to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Questions for You 

  1. What’s stopping you from setting up your own website?
  2. What would you use your website for?


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  1. Hey Travis – I agree that it’s never been easier to get started making your presence felt online. WordPress is an absolutely amazing product, and I sometimes can’t believe it’s free. From the looks of your websites, it seems you’re also pretty good at customizing WordPress. I’d be eager to see another post about plugins and tricks you use for getting the most out of your WP websites. Thanks again for the tips.

    1. Yeah I could do that, must of my trucks are from using the text box widget with code to build in stuff on the side of the site

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