So I’m Not Actually Retired Anymore

not actually retired anymore
Me hanging out in Mexico City last January. All the while secretly plotting my return to the workforce

Sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve been really busy working on my random and unexpectedly successful startup Student Loan Planner, LLC. While I fully planned on being retired for the foreseeable future when I started Millennial Moola, I discovered something most folks do when they hit their mid-70s: retirement can be boring. I guess I’m not actually retired anymore. Continue reading “So I’m Not Actually Retired Anymore”

How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes

build a blog in 10 minutes
Check out, a new website my girlfriend and I built in 10 minutes this weekend

It’s never been easier or cheaper in history for an average person to build a blog in 10 minutes. You can turn a blog into a business with virtually no overhead. The hosting company I used to start Millennial Moola is offering a flash sale that lasts for only a couple more days where you can buy 3 years worth of website hosting for $2.95 a month and it includes a free domain registration. Continue reading “How To Build a Blog in 10 Minutes”