Top 10 Low or No Cost Stuff To Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Yours truly getting ready to raid a village


My motto while I have been in Iceland has been “don’t fall for tourist traps, and explore everything around you.” My best source of information has been talking to random people in the street. If you follow that one piece of advice you will have an incredible time.  Here’s the list of what I’ve done to give you some ideas for stuff to do in Reykjavik on your own trip to Iceland Continue reading “Top 10 Low or No Cost Stuff To Do in Reykjavik, Iceland”

Interview with Dave Plier of WGN Radio in Chicago

I called in from Reykjavik this morning (on my $5/month Republic Wireless phone plan no less) to be interviewed on WGN Radio to talk about my new book, 25 IS THE NEW 65: How to Retire Outrageously Early and Do Whatever the Heck You Want. I got to speak to host Dave Plier of The Dave Plier Show about a little bit of everything: how to payoff debt, start an emergency fund, think about savings, and even how I caught my super cheap flight to Europe. Catch the link at

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Interview With Dave Plier of WGN Radio

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How to Get Free Food at Reykjavik Hostels

11666155_10155756863725398_8106257672944851874_nSee all that food? It’s absolutely free for the taking in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Reykjavik, Iceland. While I was walking around the city yesterday I made a habit of checking out the different menus around the city, and the typical cost looks to be around $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner. Since my unofficial budget for food is $10-$15 a day (I actually don’t keep one. I just try to be frugal all the time), if I were to eat out for three meals a day I’d be spending my daily budget goal of $50 a day in food alone. I discovered how you can eat free food at Reykjavik hostels and still get a decent meal.

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How to Get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik Cheap


The first stop on my European adventure is the tiny island nation of Iceland, home to about the same population as the state of Wyoming at 400,000 souls. The country turned into a major chess piece on the global stage during World War II when the British took over the island and built Reykjavik airport, which is used primarily for domestic flights. Since the Americans always like to build bigger than our cousins across the pond, we built Keflavik airport, the largest in Iceland and the one you will be flying into on almost any international flight. There’s only one problem, the airport is about 30 miles away from the capital. In a city The Economist magazine called the richest on Earth, how do you get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik cheap?

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What Does a NYSE Trading Halt Mean For You?


As of about 11:30am today, The NYSE trading halt occurred because of some as of yet undetermined technical problem. On top of this major problem, Chinese officials stopped trading in their stock market because of a continued crash, United Airlines flights got grounded across the country, and the Wall Street Journal home page went down. What does all this mean? Should you panic and sell every stock you own? These kind of questions will send you into a frenzy if you are depending on investment income and don’t have a happy place to go to calm down and put things in perspective. However, a serious question remains: does this problem with the stock exchange mean that your money is at risk?

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Investing For Beginners in a World of CNBC


HOT STOCKS NOW! You click links like these because the title is exciting, like a Hollywood breakup or new Panda baby at the zoo. Financial companies know this so they use absurd headlines to lure new investors in and try to make as much money on them as possible. I for one like my stocks like I like my bagels: plain. People often ask me about hot tech startups, IPOs, and what sector I think they should be in. I understand why people think this way because they get their investing advice from Mad Money. Investing for beginners is not nearly as hard as you think when you tune out the noise.

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What I’m Bringing to Europe and How I’m Getting There

You know what’s ridiculous? Only being able to take two or three weeks of vacation a year. Now that I’m “retired,” I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Europe a few months back and I’m leaving in a couple days. I want to show you how you can get to Europe even if you’re working in a low wage job right now. To prove that you can do it, let’s look at what I’m bringing to Europe and how I’m getting there.

First: The Gear (aka Back Care)


The total weight of my pack is 11.6 lbs. When I wear my rain jacket as I plan on doing at the airport it comes in at 10.6 lbs, right under the 11 lb threshold for the airline I’m flying on which charges hefty fees for going over that amount (more on that later). I was really influenced by Life Reengineered and Tynan on the virtues of traveling light on foreign trips. I’ve been to Mexico, Peru, South Africa, The Middle East, and Europe before and each time I had way too much stuff. I found I was wearing certain clothes at least 80% of the time and that I’d only put on alternate outfits to avoid doing laundry.  I carried a 30 lb pack on a 100 mile backpacking trip once, and I swore I would never bring more than I needed on a trip ever again. 

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Do You Spend Like Allen Iverson At A Strip Club?

iverson (1)

For those of you who don’t know Allen Iverson, he was one of the greatest guards in the history of the NBA, but unfortunately his play on the court didn’t translate to financial skill. There was a pretty funny story the other day on Bleacher Report about Allen Iverson at a strip club spending so much money that it drove him to the verge of bankruptcy.  He would go out with Matt Barnes (currently on the Clippers) and literally throw $40,000 (!!!!!!!!!!!) in the air. Most of us look at that habit and think, cheez what an idiot, of course he went broke what fool would spend 40 g’s in a night I would never do that. But do you?

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As a Thank You to My Readers, Enjoy Three Day Free Giveaway of My New Book!


If you’ve liked Millennial Moola these past couple weeks, then you’ll love my new book I just released on Amazon, 25 IS THE NEW 65: How To “Retire” Outrageously Early And Do Whatever The Heck You WantIn it, I tell you some more about my crazy story and how I came to the decision to take this risk and how I prepared for it. I set the framework for how to think of spending vs. saving decisions. I give you secrets on how to party while saving a ton of money, thoughts on how to buy a car and rent an apartment, how you can still eat out and save 75% on what you typically spend on food, and more. Take advantage of the three day free giveaway while it lasts.

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How Tech Workers Can Get Their Finances Ready for A Coming Crash

tech workers

Think this headline is sensational? Yeah I’d agree it’s a little over the top to suggest tech workers get their resumes updated, but I wanted to make a point about something being overlooked in the tech industry by most Wall Street analysts today: earnings. For the most part, they aren’t there. I’m using data from Yahoo Finance to look at various large tech companies trading on public stock exchanges right now and looking at their earnings data over the past 12 months. All data is the latest available as of 6/30/2015

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