How to Buy a Used Car for Maximum Value

buy a used car for maximum value

If you’ve noticed a slower blog post schedule recently, it’s because I’ve been helping my girlfriend get set up in St. Louis, MO at her new job. We’ve discovered that owning a car in the Midwest is pretty much a must. Given that I sold my last car on Craigslist to a rapper for top dollar, I lent my expertise to find her a great deal. Here’s how to buy a used car for maximum value. Continue reading “How to Buy a Used Car for Maximum Value”

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Negotiate Well

negotiate well

“I don’t want to seem greedy. I feel awkward asking for that much of a salary increase. What happens if they reject me for the lease I want when I ask for a discount? I’m scared to ask for a better used car price. I’ll just buy it at list.” Friends of mine have shared all these concerns with me when I suggest that they negotiate. Maybe you too have felt this way at some point in your life. If so, it’s time to stop feeling guilty and negotiate well. Continue reading “How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Negotiate Well”

Iced Coffee is So Not Worth It

iced coffeeBack when I was in full time student mode, I used to order iced coffee a lot. I always went with Dunkin Doughnuts since the Starbucks version was way more expensive. However, I’ve noticed recently that iced coffee in general is ridiculously overpriced compared to the hot coffee comparable product. Here’s why. Continue reading “Iced Coffee is So Not Worth It”

How To Turn Around Your Finances in One Day: Guest Post by Finance Superhero

finance superhero

[Millennial Moola: This blog doesn’t accept paid posts. I do however love to share really useful perspectives with my readers from across the personal finance blogger world. I asked the Finance Superhero if he would stop by Millennial Moola today for a take on how much you should consider spending on different budget categories to have financial success. Here’s his post below.]

After lurking on many personal finance blogs for years, David launched in March 2016. He is on a mission to “Restore Order to the World of Finance.” He would be honored if you would check out his blog, follow FinanceSuperhero on Twitter, and “Like” the FinanceSuperhero Facebook page.

Note: Special thanks to Travis for allowing me the opportunity to publish this guest post on MillennialMoola! Continue reading “How To Turn Around Your Finances in One Day: Guest Post by Finance Superhero”

Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball: Best Entertainment Value I’ve Ever Had

pensacola blue wahoos baseball
Where can you watch future MLB players right behind home plate for $10?

I’m from a small town called Pensacola. We are famous for being the home base of the Blue Angels Navy Flight demonstration team that travels the country performing daredevil flying maneuvers. We have a huge Naval Air Base that trains every naval aviator in the Armed Forces. Most of the entertainment options in Pensacola in the past involved going to museums, musical performances, the beach, or a nice seafood restaurant. While visiting my family over July 4th week, I discovered the best entertainment value for $10 out there, Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball.   Continue reading “Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball: Best Entertainment Value I’ve Ever Had”

Quottly Review: Dodge Crappy College Courses, Save Money Doing It

quottly-logoThink back to when you attended undergrad. What generic class was the biggest pain in your ass? I recall one course in particular that gave me more trouble than it was worth, Financial Accounting. I struggled with the terrible presentation and annoying homework problems. One day, I saw one of my friends with a Financial Accounting course binder. To my shock, it was an online version of the course from another state college in Florida.

She had no intention of becoming an accounting major, and neither did I. The difference is, she was smart enough to dodge all the busy work. She also fulfilled her degree requirement for the class. Additionally, she paid half as much for the same course at a different school. Not only that, but the class was way easier than the one at UF. In other words, she had way more time to pursue other interests. I had no clue how to find a course like this for myself, but I remember being really jealous.

There is now a way to search for qualifying courses for your degree that can save you countless hours of pointless problem sets and thousands of dollars in wasted cash called Quottly. The founder James is a friend of mine, and we have no financial relationship. I just think it’s a great idea. I’m reviewing Quottly because I think it will save you or your friends and family in undergrad a ton of time and money. Since I know the founder personally, I asked him for a great deal for Millennial Moola readers and he delivered. I’ll tell you what it is at the end.   Continue reading “Quottly Review: Dodge Crappy College Courses, Save Money Doing It”

Introducing Millennial Moola’s Irreverent Little Brother, Wealthy Walnut

wealthy walnut
My greatest masterpiece yet in Microsoft Paint on a Wikipedia commons photo canvas. Click the photo to find out more.

When I wrote that I was tired of being poor and was going back to work to drive luxury cars and live in a 12 foot ceiling apartment, I recognized a huge market need out there existed that was not being fulfilled. That April Fool’s Day post received the most traffic in Millennial Moola history. Screw learning how to save millions of dollars on a five figure salary, payoff giant student loan debt, retire in six years, or pay a fair price for a ripoff like most financial advice, give me funny photos and make silly comments about them dang it! Continue reading “Introducing Millennial Moola’s Irreverent Little Brother, Wealthy Walnut”

When Was the Last Time I Paid For a Haircut?

last time I paid for a haircut
The best $30 I ever spent

Sometime in my junior year of college is when my frugality muscles really started bulging. That year I lived in a church (it had apartments in it) and paid almost nothing for rent in exchange with helping out with activities. I lived close to a Wal-Mart, where I shopped often of course. While I perused the aisles one day, I found a Conair hair cutting set for $30 and bought it. My idea was that if I cut my own hair three times then I basically paid for the set. After all, it came with an electric razor too, which I needed anyway. Little did I know that I would become a lifetime personal barber. I cannot even remember the last time I paid for a haircut. Continue reading “When Was the Last Time I Paid For a Haircut?”

Chip Cards Give Extra 30 Seconds to Question Impulse Purchases

chip cards
Waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and … [falls asleep] REMOVE YOUR CARD! YESSSSS!! Source
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, most of your credit cards and debit cards have evolved into chip cards. This is a huge improvement to the old system of swiping. Not only is the security for in-person purchases far superior, cards now come with a built in anti-spending feature. This advanced technology dissuades you from making impulse purchases. Here’s how it works. Continue reading “Chip Cards Give Extra 30 Seconds to Question Impulse Purchases”

Our Ancestors Would Not Recognize a Modern Budget

modern budget
This picture shoes where almost all of our extra wealth has gone since 1900. Source

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been tracking the spending habits of Americans for over 100 years now. The results of their study both profoundly support the benefits of capitalism as well as show its temptations. Looking at the survey data, it is easy to see why the famous economist Keynes, believed we would be working 15 hours a week in the 21st century.  He underestimated our desire for status, material possessions, and comfort. In fact, our great great grandparents would not recognize the modern budget of an average American family. Continue reading “Our Ancestors Would Not Recognize a Modern Budget”